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When the design calls for rocks ... 

call Rock Designs®.

Creating a rockscape isn't as easy as it might look. Our rock artists are highly skilled in all of the major artificial rockwork methods: 

"Positive" rockwork is made on the job site by hand, from steel-reinforced concrete that is then hand-carved and textured to look similar to real rock.   
"Negative" rock is the name for rock castings that are made from molds of real rock. This type of rockwork is also called "GFRC" (glass-fiber reinforced concrete), or "pre-cast" boulders and fractured sheer rock-face panels
Embossing with hand tools and imprinting with textured skins is necessary on positive rock and also on the cementitious joints between rock castings and panels so there is not an obvious seam in the rockwork. These methods also help us harmonize artificial with natural rock already in the landscape, such as on the barren hillside in this photo:

What can we do with rocks?  

Reliable expert construction of in-ground swimming pools, spas and waterfalls.
Dramatic remodels -- add pizzazz to existing pools and landscapes. Change the shape of your old swimming pool. Add boulders, a spa, one or more waterfalls or and a water slide.
Refurbish aging rockscapes with crack repair, re-texturing, long-lasting UV-resistant color, and water sealant.
Man-made rockwork is more versatile than cumbersome real boulders when executing complex designs -- that's why the major resort hotels use man-made rockwork for their water features.
Design solutions for problem sites and hillsides.
Residential, commercial, resort and zoo projects.

Rock Designs® Pools and Waterscapes, Inc. in Los Angeles USA builds and designs award-winning custom swimming pools, spas, waterfalls, water slides and ponds, specializing in man-made rock and water features. Clients include homeowners, developers, architects, celebrities and entertainment industry executives.

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